Beautiful Orthodox Wedding | Eagle River, Alaska


Aaron & Megan’s Orthodox wedding was unlike any other I’ve witnessed.

While I specialize in intimate weddings & elopements, I can never resist the chance to document something new-to-me. I’d never photographed an Orthodox wedding before and I was blown away at the warmth and love felt in the room.

Unlike most American-traditional weddings, Aaron and Megan stood in the center of the room for most of the duration of the ceremony, rather than at the front. The Archpriest I spoke to, Father Marc, explained to me that this ceremony was not only about the couple making vows to God and to one another, but for the church community to commit to supporting the couple in their marriage and being the village for their future family. Placing the couple in the center of the room places them in the center of their community, making a physical connection to the spiritual commitment.

Everyone stood for the duration of the ceremony, they sang, and surrounded Megan & Aaron in prayer. Megan’s dad is a deacon at the church and participated in the ceremony too. It made me so emotional seeing his joy and heart of praise as everyone worshipped and sang.

I could go on and on about this Orthodox wedding. It felt so warm, welcoming, and close.

So many people were helpful to me as an outsider to know what was happening and what each part of the ceremony meant. One gentleman even gave me a few tips as to where it would be best to stand during each part of the ceremony which was a huge help!

The reception was so FUN! It felt like a big family reunion – almost like a gigantic picnic! There were big group dances that everyone knew and songs everyone could sing along to. Aaron & Megan went and mingled for hours because their whole community was there to celebrate them.

This was an experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad I could be a part of it. If you ever have the chance to attend an Orthodox wedding I highly recommend it!

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Venue, catering, & cake: Saint John’s Orthodox Cathedral // Hair & Makeup Artist: AK Borealis Beauties


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